23 Vocalises For Trombone

23 Vocalises for Trombone with piano accompaniment
Edited by Enzo Turriziani

This selection of vocalises is aimed at trombonists who wish to refine their technical-interpretative skills in a study context or practice warm-up exercises and/or maintain these skills at a professional level. The collection is structured on a program that regards precise technical difficulties, but is open to the interpretative complexities of the repertoire. In a compact format, a variety of technical-interpretative proposals are presented which include different tones, rhythms and styles, originally conceived by various authors as exercises for singers. The vocalises that follow, however, have been selected specifically for the needs of trombonists, with particular attention to the development of sound quality. This must be cultivated by every musician through continuous practice, beyond initial individual skills. For the program of exercises presented here, the Rossini concept of the voice as an instrument was captured, enhancing the aspect of singing as an essential characteristic trait of the trombone.

The motivation to compose this collection was twofold, both historical and personal. Historic, if we think of the particularly lively nineteenth-century tradition in Italy of the use of the trombone within band ensembles for the performance of solo arias (see the tour bands): here the singability of our instrument acquires particular importance. The personal component derives not only from my family roots and my cultural identity, but also from my multiple study experience, as a musician in an international and multicultural context and, currently, as principal trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic. 

For his encouragement to produce this collection and his support during the production phase I sincerely thank Prof. Gerhard Wolf. For his precious contribution to the revision and adaptation of the selected material, my thanks go to my friend Maestro Emanuele Stracchi. 

Thanks also to Dr. Susanna Buttaroni for her contribution to the edition of the textual part.


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Vocalise N°1, Heinrich Panofka – Andante

Vocalise N°2, Mathilde Marchesi – Cantabile

Vocalise N°3, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Andante

Vocalise N°4, Gioachino Rossini – Andante

Vocalise N°5, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Allegro non troppo

Vocalise N°6, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Andante

Vocalise N°7, Gioachino Rossini – Allegretto

Vocalise N°8, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Andantino

Vocalise N°9, Heinrich Panofka – Andantino

Vocalise N°10, Heinrich Panofka – Allegretto

Vocalise N°11, Gioachino Rossini – Allegretto

Vocalise N°12, Eugène-Émile Diaz de la Pena – Ce que chantant un paysan

Vocalise N°13, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Andante moderato

Vocalise N°14, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Andante

Vocalise N°15, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Cantabile in sol

Vocalise N°16, Davide Banderali – Marcia

Vocalise N°17, Mathilde Marchesi – Larghetto

Vocalise N°18, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Allegretto non troppo

Vocalise N°19, Gioachino Rossini – Andantino

Vocalise N°20, Auguste Mathieu Panseron – Allegretto maestoso

Vocalise N°21 Auguste Mathieu Panseron, Agitato

Vocalise N°22, Auguste Mathieu Panseron, Moderato

Vocalise N°23, Davide Banderali – Saltarello