The Philharmonic Brass

Sixteen brass players and four percussionists, members of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras & Friends had a burning passion to create an exciting new listening experience. Drawing on a collective wealth of experience having performed in the greatest concert halls worldwide, they have formed a brand new ensemble: The Philharmonic Brass.

Performing an eclectic mix of music from Johann Sebastian Bach to John Williams, the ensemble traces its origins back to the wind music tradition at princely and royal courts in the 18th century, which flourished under Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as well as traditional folk music and local music-making. This heritage was carried forward in the long tradition of orchestral playing in both the Philharmonic Orchestras of Berlin and Vienna – and now finding a new path in terms of instrumentation and playing technique. This results in imagery and emotions that can be shaped through close interaction with the audience, in the creative environment of a concert.

The Philharmonic Brass play brand new arrangements especially tailored to their musicians. The technical and artistic demands of the arrangements – extraordinary virtuosity, rich variety of tonal colors, and fidelity to the intention of the work – are an essential requirement for realizing an artistic vision in accord with its creator: the composer.

Working with conductors who are closely tied to both the Berlin and the Vienna Philharmonic, The Philharmonic Brass aim to create an unforgettable concert experience. In a special collaboration with Decca Classics, the ensemble will release an EP and a full album internationally in 2023.


The Philharmonic Brass Members

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